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2020 New Products

Happy New Year! Actually I should say Happy Valentine's Day since that is when I am writing this. I am so excited about this year. 2020 in numerology symbolizes peace, family, work, manifestations and to be prepared for what is coming your way. So are you ready for what is coming your way?!

You asked for it, you got it Shower Body Wash! Check it out. 6 scents. All natural. Essential oils. Smells amazing. Moisturizing ingredients including coconut oil and vitamin E.

Rose Spray! I love this so much. Spray on face to set makeup and hydrate skin. If you are like me, I spray on my face and body as a pick me up and to increase my vibration. Rose is a high vibrating scent so if you need some positive vibes spray some on you.

Clearing Spray! We all need this in our lives seriously. Spray in your house, office, car. There's negative and unpleasant energy out there, who needs that! I am an energy girl living in an ENERGY world.

Salt Baths! These are so amazing! Amazing to the point, I am pricing a bigger bath tub because I love using these. Essential Oils, Epson salt. 6 different scents that helps de-stress (serenity), uplift mood (citris), relax (lavender), lift sadness (bergamot & geranium), relieve muscles (peppermint/eucalyptus) and clear mind (jasmine). Follow the moon schedules? Full moon= let go of negative energy which= salt bath!

Lastly- Slowly updating my pictures but I do have new labels and bottles. Hope you all love them!


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