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I went to a retreat in California in September 2018 and another one in January 2019. My friend, coach and the host of this event talked about how you need to do some grounding and earthing during the day. Go outside, put your feet in the grass, get some fresh air. We had a break in the day so a group of us drove to the beach and we took pictures of our feet in the sand and texted them back to the host saying “Look we are Earthing!”. I got home and told my kids to hug a tree. Yes they think I am weird but yes they still do it so I can get a picture of them! I’m not saying go outside your office building and hug on a tree. But remember when you were a kid outside and barefoot? That cool grass on your feet. Or that sand at the beach between your toes. Walk to your mailbox every day barefoot. Sometimes we are all in our heads and thinking, stressing, running like crazy and just need to find nature and ground ourselves.


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