• healingchristel

February 2019

Earlier this month I thought I would pull a card on what I can expect in the month of February. I love the card I pulled! The 3 of Pentacles. Basically this card means there have been things completed but I still have a ways to go. The structure is in place, now it’s time to make it beautiful. There can be both satisfaction and frustration with this card. I think it’s a perfect card to describe where I am at during this new business adventure. I started making soaps with olive oil then quickly moved to including coconut oil and palm oil. I now have natural soaps with essential oils and clay. I’m loving the new molds I got that give my soaps some extra designs. I started with a dozen and now have 30 different bar soaps. So yes, I accomplished a lot but there is so much more creativity to come and I am excited!

So I wrote this on Feb 1st. It is now Feb 11th and I now have 10 different lotions available! Next up, bath bombs.


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