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What’s with the name of your business?

I would say the last couple years have had some challenges for me in all aspects of life. I think I look at the positive in most situations but there was definitely room for improvement. To say it was 1 bad year or 1 bad thing that brought me down or caused me to gain weight or to make me sad wouldn’t be accurate. In reality, there are things that happen both now and in the past and when you don’t release that emotion or deal with your feelings and needs, it will build up. My definition of healing is when that thing or person that triggered sadness or anxiety (anytime you felt, saw, smelled or heard it/them) no longer triggers you in a negative way, you are healed.

What the heck does that have to do with making soap and lotion?! Ok so part of my journey is self-love. I needed to love myself. I am a work in progress but taking time for myself and exploring things that make me happy are all part of self-love and my personal growth. Look, I live in a house with all boys- even my dog! This hobby of mine makes me feel girly and excited and I love getting new fragrances and colors to try. I love wearing my lotions and having my name on the bottle. The more I get excited, the more creativity flows. Do you know a lot of people who are sad when they are excited and constantly creating? EXACTLY

That, my friends, is Healing Christel.


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